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available in 40, 42, 45 and 50ft

Optimus 45

Optimus Yachtbuilders is proud to announce
the OPTIMUS range of performance sailing catamarans.

For our first yacht, an OPTIMUS 45, we’re combining a very light and performance-oriented composite construction (foam, carbon, e-glass, epoxy) with electric propulsion and solar systems.
All our yachts will be ZERO-Emission and built to comply with CE-certification A.

No fossil fuels for propulsion needed...

100% ZERO-Emission

Electric propulsion and regeneration systems by Oceanvolt.
Solar systems by Sunbeam.
Sizing of lithium battery-banks and solar capacity is optimized in collaboration with the Flemish Innovation partner VITO.

Our yachts have ample self-sufficiency for traveling and making fast-crossings in any part of the world.

+ 300 miles/24u on average!


Retractable daggerboards, full composite construction, careful attention to the weight of every single item on board and to weight distribution, powerful rig, composite sail-wardrobe,…
The OPTIMUS-range aspires to provide the best performance
in every aspect of the yacht experience.
Shorter passage-times and the capability
to avoid or run from bad weather are guaranteed.

Destinations that were unreachable in the past, are now within reach !



Optimus 45 daggerboards raised

Classic catamaran - fixed keels

Comfort & Safety

All the comfort you need on a sailing yacht :
exquisite galley, cozy living room, 2 fully equipped bathrooms with separate showers and 8 bunks.
Plus exterior furnishings ready-to-chill are also included.

Our catamarans are intrinsically unsinkable
– foam in our composite construction, dozens of sealed compartments, double watertight bulkheads in the bow and crash-boxes aft,
compliance with CE cat A –
our yachts are among the safest around !

Ship are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made


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Schionning Designs are the leading composite multihull and yacht designers. Jeff’s designs bring you the best in design, safety, performance and style.
OPTIMUS 45 combines excellent hull shapes, weight control, stiff construction, carbon-where-needed, double steering-wheels and efficient use of space…
on top of that she boasts a head-turning stealth-style.

About us


What began as a family venture, has evolved into the desire to build sailing yachts as a profession.
Optimus Yachtbuilders is building ZERO-emission sailing cats near Antwerp (Belgium).
We will be offering the complete Arrow Series by Schionning Designs as ZERO-emission, high performance sailing cats.

The first ZERO-emission “Optimus 45″ can be expected in 2018.




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